Falcon 9 Has Cleared The Tower

Hello! My name is Trevor Mahlmann.

I am an internationally published/award winning photographer and former Purdue University student. I studied aerospace engineering, aspiring to become an astronaut before picking up a camera and finding myself, finding what I truly love to do. Make images!

My photos have gotten attention and been featured in news media online, in print, and on television around the world from organizations such as:

- Astronauts living in space

- Kyodo News Japan

- The BBC

- Gizmodo

- The Weather Channel 

- FroKnowsPhotos RAWTalk

- PetaPixel.com

- The International Space Station

- WGN/NBC/ABC News Chicago

-  GoPro Photo of The Day

and many, many more!

Have an idea but not sure where to reach me?

I am happy to discuss any project ideas/answer any questions you might have!

Use the contact form above, write your inquiry, hit send it and I will get back to you ASAP!

If you want the most up to date information and to see things I capture as they happen, follow/subscribe/add me on social media for awesome stuff like this! 

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